Saturday, November 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 7 “Heads Up” (B)

I’m finding myself growing less and less attached to this show, unimpressed by its pacing and lack of focus on certain characters for episodes at a time and cyclically proceeding through the rest. I’m not as angry about the unsurprising reveal that Glenn didn’t in fact get his guts ripped out by walkers but instead crawled, Rick-style, under something that miraculously hid him from the walkers and saved his life. It’s going to be a long journey back, I’m sure, and sending up a signal to tell Maggie that he’s still alive is undeniably romantic but also worrisome given the last time Maggie finally got reunited with a family member who got killed just before they got to see each other again. Back in Alexandria, Morgan has made it more than clear that he’s not going to kill anyone, and so it’s just a matter of time before Rick and Carol decide to kill his prisoner first or wait for him to get loose and kill an innocent, prompting Morgan to reconsider his new way of life and how well it actually works. Tara spiraling downward is an unfortunate development, and we’re getting further and further from having people who haven’t yet lost their grip on sanity (Rick and Carol both did and then made it back after becoming much more hardened people). It’s looking like Alexandria can pull together, but next week being the fall finale makes me all but convinced that something is going to go horribly wrong, and the walls literally crumbling is just going to be the start.

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