Friday, November 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 5 “Chapter Twenty-Seven” (B+)

It looked like nothing could possibly stop Jane and Michael from being together, in her eyes at least, but look at what an hour can do. Rafael realizing that Jane was going to break up with her if she started the conversation delayed things a bit, but ultimately it was Michael who came bursting in and ruined his own chances to be with Jane. Punching Rafael because he thought that he turned him in was impulsive and stupid, and the fact that Mateo got hurt in the process was an irreversible mistake. Rafael hasn’t won Jane over, but Michael is going to have to work even harder than Rafael had to in order to atone for his sins. I like that Jane sincerely wanted to help Petra not be forced into a bad marriage, and now Petra is a major accessory to international criminal activities thanks to Milos’ big gun importation. Alba going for her interview and getting accidentally stoned with Xiomara was fun, and it’s good that it seems to have actually worked despite all the obstacles. Characters taking drugs without realizing it can be a bit unserious, but in this case it was just enough laughing and uncharacteristic silliness to be effective. Britney Spears’ guest appearance was a bit excessive, but it was most worthwhile for the way Rogelio reacted to her. The fact that she did remember him and had a reason to be angry at him was great, and it’s nice that sometimes Rogelio’s fame isn’t all in his head.

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