Thursday, November 5, 2015

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 6 “God” (C+)

This show is following its typical formula: every episode drops a few bombshells, usually juicy, betrays far too much confidential information about a federal agent, and presents yet another trainee as the latest suspect who Alex believes has to be guilty of staging the entire plot and framing Alex. At least it’s interesting, and the way in which some of the stark differences between what things were like a year ago and what they are like now were relatively well-presented. Transitioning from Nathalie getting into the shower with Booth to the same scene a year earlier with Alex and Booth showed just how much that relationship had transformed, and we later got the useful info that Alex pushed Booth away after a clueless O’Connor stupidly spilled the beans about their Alex surveillance op with her listening it. I truly question the value of Shaw opening herself up to being surveilled by all the agents, but there doesn’t seem to be any value to secrets or privacy on this show. Caleb didn’t end up being a suspect for long, and it’s actually Shelby who has been cast in a poorer light because of her affair with Caleb’s father, who it turns out is the mysterious man in charge of the entire FBI operation. Simon discovering that Nimah is not just one person is huge, and let’s hope that they got to trust each other enough to clear her name after she was spotted on the security camera. Alex needs all the friends she can get, especially since Nathalie has just reported Booth’s disloyalty to O’Connor, who is sure to sideline Booth if not use him to draw Alex out into the open.

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