Monday, November 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: Limitless

Limitless: Season 1, Episode 8 “When Pirates Pirate Pirates” (B)

This episode was fun, but it went off the deep end a little, nearly forgetting about the FBI and taking place almost entirely off-campus. After Naz found herself dismissed and arrested, we got to have Greg Germann, who is king of playing top-tier jerks, with experience on “House of Lies” and “In Case of Emergency,” as the poorly-named ADIC Johnson. Brian had a field day with that one, texting every one of his contacts about his micropenis, a perfect calling card for both Rebecca and Boyle to recognize. Brian worked well with Ava, Naz’s daughter, and their final interaction before he got called back to the office was a steamy and seductive one that suggests they might reunite romantically in the future despite Brian’s insistence that it couldn’t happen. What makes this show work, more than anything, is the relationship between Brian and Rebecca. After he hallucinated her as Sloane in last week’s episode, here they actually got to hang out together and play Brian’s sleep with, marry, and kill game involving named personalities Mike and Ike, who Rebecca admitted that she couldn’t identify, primarily because those aren’t really their names. Brian telling her that he had the extra NZT pills was necessary but also trusting, and having to operate outside the jurisdiction of the FBI like this shows that they are more than capable of working together when they need to, whether or not it’s a sanctioned or even legal operation, something that is sure to come in handy on multiple occasions soon.

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