Monday, November 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 7 “Buckingham Malice” (B+)

This was a very fun episode, one that best exemplified the way in which Dean says absolutely nothing with his big speeches. Realizing that he gets special treatment shocked Dean but came as no surprise to anyone else, and I like that it made him push for completely absurd things, like getting a ticket thrown out even though he demanded it be written and going back into a jail cell to spend his due time even though Stewart had successfully talked him out of staying behind bars. Nathan Fieldler from “Nathan for You,” a show I can’t stand, was an interesting guest star to play the cop, and I was also pleased to see Jonny Coyne from the fantastic short-lived “Alcatraz” as Farouk, whose assurances about car repair timing were far from reliable. It turned out that using Dean proved very helpful to get the car fixed, giving Stewart the transportation he very much needed for his sex vacation with Debbie, who also deserved it in a big way. I love that Debbie got her very first plotline just about her, with the hilarious and unfortunate situation of her ending up in the position of getting her assistant coffee, unable to delegate any of the work that she should have been doing. It was gratifying to see her moment of triumph in which she mocked her assistant’s obnoxious tone of voice and got to tell her that she was being fired. As usual, the Sanderson family interactions on the couch provided some good life lessons, like the concept of getting up after saying something to make it seem like a good point.

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