Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What I’m Watching: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 8 “June 13th Part Two” (C-)

This show’s concept of time travel is very worrisome, and extremely similar to that of the original series. My understanding of events as we saw them is that the timeline that Noah came from in the future is the one that was created directly by him traveling back to the past (which creates a similar paradox to that in one of the Harry Potter books where he could only have survived if his future self had traveled back to save him). No paradoxes here, of course, even though two Noahs were talking to each other face to face. Instead, we have some quick passage of time, with an interesting reveal about Tommy growing up knowing exactly how to use his powers with Hiro as his father but then getting his memory wiped just to make things a bit more complicated along the way. The premise here is cool, but, as usual, the execution is hopelessly muddled and messy. The worst part is that Quentin got resurrected, and the absurd twist is revealed that, because he got to talk to Phoebe one year earlier, he is actually in league with Erica and has now directly reported to her exactly what Noah and the whole crew worked so hard to keep from her. The show’s defense of his character change might be that he turned out differently because of Noah’s presence in the past, but that is inconsistent with everything else and just doesn’t track. Oh well, only two episodes to go before this show hopefully wraps up for good.

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