Monday, November 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Grandfathered

Grandfathered: Season 1, Episode 7 “Sexy Guardian Angel” (B+)

I liked this episode mostly because it used all of its characters very well, and also opened up a bigger storyline without feeling the need to close and contain it within just one episode. Gerald has never been the smoothest dater, and of course he would go into a one-night stand and come out of it right away in a relationship. Jimmy’s distraction tactic, which involved Noureen Dewulf’s Priya (I recognized her from “West Bank Story”), led to him meddling after he found out that Frankie had a bad reputation for sleeping around. What I loved most was that Sara got on board with Jimmy’s plan to expose Frankie father after she bossed Gerald around, which of course resulted in her and Gerald both getting offended at their accusations. I like Lyndsy Fonseca from “Nikita,” and it seems like she’ll be sticking around for a bit, especially since Jimmy is footing the bill for everything Gerald is treating her to. Vanessa coming in with some truly awful pitches was only the start of a fabulous new relationship between her and Annelise, the highlights of which were Vanessa thinking she was the mentor rather than the mentee and the two of them taking off their blazers to start physically fighting. Vanessa actually helping Annelise, who is really not a good singer, was a nice ending. This was the best way that Annelise has been featured yet, and it’s also great to see Vanessa with her big preposterous dreams and attitude that shows that she doesn’t care if other people don’t believe in her. Even Ravi was less annoying than usual, appearing for only a few well-placed moments.

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