Monday, November 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Limitless

Limitless: Season 1, Episode 10 “Arm-Ageddon” (B+)

Aside from the fact that a man murdered his wife, this was an entirely fun episode that let Brian do something really cool and get something cool in return. Starting with Boyle coming to him for help proving the innocence of a war colleague set the tone for what seemed like it might be a more somber hour, but once the hacking got started, it was clear that this would be anything but serious. Having people with the prosthetic robot arms do ridiculous things like destroy works of art in museums and punch themselves in the face was just the kind of absurd and entertaining stuff Brian loves, and having him investigate it was a lot of fun. The way that he recapped what happens during hacking was a blast, and I like that he filled viewers in on something that had happened during the montage which hadn’t been shown on screen because of his eager desire to provide entertainment rather than showcase boring coding. Involving hacktivist group Everywhere lent a certain authenticity to Brian’s endeavors, and now he has a solid connection for the future. Also valuable was his job offer and subsequent loan courtesy of Rebecca of the jetpack, which was just about the best thing ever in his mind. His father coming to Naz to tell her that he would hold her personally responsible if anything happened to Brian and his viewpoint on Brian’s situation as one of drug addiction is both interesting and worrisome, and I think he’s going to draw too much attention to everything that’s going on and put himself and Brian in harm’s way.

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