Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 9 “Sundae, Bloody Sundae” (C-)

I’m at a loss trying to comprehend these major character shifts. I won’t even address Quentin, who actually did an okay job carrying out his part of his nefarious plan to assist Erica in destroying the world, or at least ridding it of evos, though it’s presented as something far less sinister. An even less believable transformation is that of Matt Parkman, who was the world’s nicest guy and has now gone from monetizing his power to controlling all of the captured evos to help them find imagined serenity or pull the trigger, depending on his mood of the moment. If everyone really is so happy, then what’s the problem? Why go to all the trouble of abducting the evos in the first place if they’re just going to end up in a state of tranquility in which they’re essentially allowed to roam free? The diner moment was useful for only one real reason, which was to let Tommy discover the powers he inherited from Hiro, permitting him to stop time, save his girlfriend from certain death, but not prevent his own capture. Joanne has obviously gone down a dark path, and I don’t think Luke will have an easy time getting her back from it. In addition to the Haitian’s apparent reincarnation, I don’t know what to make of Miko somehow materializing 7,957 years in the future. This show only has a few episodes left, and it truly does not merit a renewal, so how can any of this possibly be wrapped up in just that short a time?

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