Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 6 “Lies” (B)

Some parts of this show continue to be irritating, while others work pretty well. I liked seeing that Ruth and Eli seemed to be uniting over the idea that Peter really could be president, but of course that was just a ploy so that Eli could figure out how to best embarrass Ruth at just the right moment. Obviously, he didn’t consider the implications of what he was doing, since Judge Schakowsky is all set to take down both Frank Landau and Peter at the same time. That’s an alliance Eli is going to seriously regret forming. The guest star of the hour was Christine Lahti as Andrea Stevens, the California lawyer who walked into the courtroom ready to walk all over Lucca and treat Alicia like a legitimate opponent but destroy her anyway. It seems like they did a good job in the end with the case, but Alicia’s contact with Zach Woods’ Jeff Dellinger has put her right back in the crosshairs of the NSA, which can’t be good. Lockhart, Agos, and Lee has always had some issues dealing with its hiring process, but the things they said to Monica during her interview were definitely not what they wanted to end up online painting them as racist and only interested in hiring a certain kind of person, even Cary and Diane’s relatively tame comments. Alicia got quite the negative recommendation for Jason, suggesting that she really should have done her homework before hiring such an apparent loose cannon.

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