Friday, November 27, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 8 “Restraint” (B-)

I imagine that this will be the episode that Christine Baranski submits for her inevitable Emmy nomination this year, and while her performance is strong, I didn’t find the plotline quite as compelling. Having a judge admit to her expressly that his political views are biasing how he plans to rule on the case was big, and Diane was right to fight him on it. Yet agreeing to whatever case is brought to her by her one wealthy conservative client is certainly not worth losing all of her other clients, which it looks like happened quite easily. Grace did a lot of work to create the illusion of a noisy, happening office, but she also stumbled into a situation where a few high-powered people were so truly unhappy with Diane’s apparent change in character that they were eager to go with a name they had heard of and jump ship right away. It’s a good thing that Grace spoke up and pressed Alicia not to dismiss the work she had been doing, and she’s become quite the motivated employee, going so far as to demand a decent salary for her efforts. Lucca used being courted by Louis as a clever way to try to poach his clients, but I think that the conniving lawyer would have seen right through that. I said last week that I wasn’t sure how Vanessa Williams’ Courtney would fit in on this show, and having her be a romantic interest for a surprisingly speechless Eli is admittedly a puzzling development.

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