Thursday, November 19, 2015

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 8 “Over” (C+)

This show deviated from its usual format in one big way in this episode – it didn’t introduce a new prime suspect. That’s probably because just about everyone has been covered already, with Elias out of the picture, everyone else cleared, and even Shelby and Caleb doubting their allegiance to the top brass and considering the fact that Alex might be innocent. Deputy Director Clayton pushing Caleb to scrub his e-mails and insisting that one which all but confirms Alex having been framed simply because it was sent from a hotel room while he was with Shelby is either highly stupid or immensely suspicious, and I don’t think that deleting e-mails from both the sender and the recipient actually certifies that they will never be recovered, especially if both are on a phone. Putting the recruits out in the field and giving them the chance to be real people is helpful, though naturally that leads immediately to breaking into FBI records while superiors are lurking in the shadows to ensure that classified files aren’t taken where they shouldn’t be. It’s hard to believe that Liam would be so honest in confessing his sins with Alex and then not trust her so intensely just a few months later, but that’s the nature of this soapy show. Alex turning herself in is a game-changer, and let’s hope that someone, not Clayton or Liam obviously, is smart enough to listen to the woman ranting about another bomb and look beyond their firm beliefs that she is the one who planted it.

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