Monday, January 4, 2016

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best TV Series – Drama

The competition: Empire, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Narcos, Outlander

For your information: The only returning nominee in this race is Emmy champ “Game of Thrones,” which was nominated for season back in 2011 and then again last year. “Outlander” aired half its first season in 2014 and contends now for the first time. The other three are freshmen series. “Empire” and “Narcos” each have one actor nominated, and “Mr. Robot” and “Outlander” have two. This would be the first win for USA, Netflix, or Starz, respectively, if “Mr. Robot,” “Narcos,” or “Outlander” won.

Who should win? Definitely “Narcos,” though I’d be excited about “Mr. Robot” too. I also haven’t seen “Outlander” and didn’t watch past the pilot of “Empire.”

Who will win? I’d love to predict “Narcos” and I’m worried about “Outlander,” so I think I’ll choose Mr. Robot instead.

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