Thursday, January 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 10 “Potential Energy” (B+)

There are a lot of people on this show who know that Barry is the Flash. It’s actually pretty staggering if you think about it, and a handful of them aren’t even good guys, like Leonard Snart. But that reality puts telling another person into perspective, since it really wouldn’t matter all that much and someone like Patty would never use it for destructive purposes. It’s still a question, of course, and tragically Barry waited until it was too late. I was remembering when he first revealed himself to Iris before he ran back in time and how incredible that was, and he could have done that here if he hadn’t waited so long. But time wasn’t on his side in this episode thanks to the Turtle, played by Aaron Douglas of “Battlestar Galactica” fame, who was starting a seriously creepy collection of frozen people that nearly included Patty. It’s devastating to see Patty leave and Barry not be able to make her stay, with the only relief being that Zoom won’t use her to get to him. Barry has something much more serious to worry about now though with the unexpected return of one Eobard Thawne, who looked less villainous than usual showing up with no idea where he was. I suspect he’s from Earth Two, but wouldn’t Jay or Harry have mentioned him? The good thing about so many people knowing Barry’s identity is that they’ll all team up to beat him, and something tells me that Harry will be a formidable foe for the man who killed him and assumed his identity in another world.

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