Saturday, January 23, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 11 “Exodus” (B)

Leave it to Dean to make Stewart asking him to consider not living with them forever into a much bigger deal than it really was, interpreting it as a complete betrayal of their relationship and preparing to sever ties entirely. Having his stand-in show up with a truck full of his things and then move in himself was hardly a subtle hint that Dean wasn’t planning on going anywhere, and this had to happen eventually, so why not now? Getting cornered in the bathroom by the sleazy duo who used a drunken Todd for information a few episodes ago led to a bold and treacherous move on Dean’s part, opting to bypass studying for the bar and skip right to courtroom speeches on the opposing counsel should help him get back at his brother in a big way. Now, obviously a real lawyer would object to someone on an active case switching sides while the trial was in progress, but there’s not likely to be too much of that here, in this exaggerated TV universe where both of Stewart’s kids turned against him for first kicking out Dean and then Andre. Seeing Debbie relax with Andre making her salads was fun, leaving Stewart as the lone voice of reason. It was fun to see Richard Schiff show up as a guest star in the episode that Dean was watching with his father and Todd, though I’ll admit that I haven’t seen many episodes of “The West Wing” from when Rob Lowe was on it since I only started watching regularly in season four. Blasphemy - I know. I’ll go back through the whole show eventually.

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