Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Galavant

Galavant: Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6 “Giants vs. Dwarves” and “About Last Knight” (B-)

These two episodes actually pushed the plot forward in a more productive way than usual, giving us plenty of absurd sensational fare along the way and quite a few decent parody musical numbers. I caught references to “West Side Story,” “Les Miserables,” and “Oliver” over the course of this hour, and I’m sure there were plenty more I didn’t notice. I enjoyed the fact that the giants and dwarves were fighting despite the fact that they were actually the same height, and Galavant and Richard couldn’t tell who was on which side when they brought their own little squabble into the mix and attacked the wrong people. Isabella getting her crown knocked off when she went to go see the unkempt princess put an end to the wedding planner’s devious plot that he couldn’t keep track of, and now, thanks to the Forest of Coincidence, he has helped Madalena give Gareth the perfect birthday present in the form of an unprovoked war. Sid did his best to talk Gareth out of romancing Madalena, but it seems that those two are rather well suited for each other, eager to please at the expense of all the peasants and servants around them. Galavant’s dad being a great guy didn’t help his case when he failed to mention his proximity to the starving crew that had to eat hobbits, and the visit ended up going much better than expected, save for that unfortunate sword toss that resulted in our hero being impaled with the sword, something he might get over but likely not without at least leaving a scratch and slowing them down a bit.

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