Saturday, January 9, 2016

What I’m Watching: Limitless

Limitless: Season 1, Episode 12 “The Assassination of Eddie Morra” (B+)

After taking a break from Senator Morra and Sands, this episode started out with them at the center, as we got to see what Morra is like on NZT and how he was able to determine the best way to survive an assassination attempt. Those who have seen the film that inspired this show have likely already seen that, but it’s still interesting and educational to see how he analyzed the situation and the way in which he reviewed all of the possible outcomes. Having Sands show up at the FBI threw Brian for a loop, and he had to settle for some forward-facing conversation in the elevator to learn that his mission was to, as usual, lie to Rebecca, and that it got much darker than that as they wanted him to kill someone to keep their secrets safe. I was impressed by Piper’s first move, which was to show up at Brian’s parents’ house pretending to be his new girlfriend, thereby securing her safety and ensuring the opportunity to have a conversation with Brian about what was really going on. It was obvious that Brian hadn’t actually pushed Piper in front of a train, and, while I usually hate recaps that explain how unexpected things got pulled off, I think that the explanation here was cool to see since it showed the thought and planning that had gone into it as well as the analytics of the train speed, etc. that made it all possible. Another fun NZT moment was when Boyle called Brian out on not listening to him and then told him that half-recapping what someone said to show he heard it was a rude habit.

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