Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I’m Watching: The X-Files (Season Premiere)

The X-Files: Season 10, Episode 1 “My Struggle” (B)

There are a lot of shows just coming back now after many years off the air, but I think this is the most striking example of a show just essentially restarting as if it finished its previous season just a few months earlier. I finished the nine preexisting seasons of this show much more recently than most since I started watching the show after 2002 when it officially ended, but it’s still been at least five or six years since I watched or thought about whether the truth was really out there. What surprised me most was that the opening credits look and sound exactly the same, and the show still has its same dated vibe. Mulder ran through the history of what happened on the show and since in its opening moments, but otherwise there wasn’t much discussion about the dissolution of the X-Files program and all that business. The problem with this show, of course, is that its quality is much dependent on the contents and plotline of each specific episode. I’ve never found alien abduction to be quite as enticing as government/alien conspiracies, though there is something cool about a mysterious woman who can tell that Scully was abducted in the past. Joel McHale’s Tad O’Malley didn’t add too much, and all we got to see alien-wise was a puny little creature get killed in front of a group of soldiers and scientists. Seeing the Cigarette-Smoking Man at the end of the hour was definitely a plus, and there’s no way I would plan not to watch the rest of this six-episode series that could well lead to more.

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