Friday, January 29, 2016

What I’m Watching: Galavant

Galavant: Season 2, Episodes 7 and 8 “Love and Death” and “Do the D’Dew” (B-)

These were fun episodes, and there’s definitely a sense that the plot is picking up with just two episodes to go that will all but surely be this series’ final installments given its inability to muster any decent ratings in season two. Galavant being dead for nearly a whole episode was a little silly, and I think the best part of that plotline aside from the potion master singing a long song that delayed his healing help was Eddie Marsan’s appearance as Death. It’s a relief that Richard and Roberta have finally gotten together, and naturally their first kiss nearly happened just as Galavant came back to life a few seconds too early. Galavant commanding the army of the undead with charges of love is entertaining, though they’re definitely not easy to direct or control. I enjoyed the meeting and song duel between Madalena and Isabella, and the fact that Isabella didn’t want to accept Madalena’s brutal terms of surrender, which means that war is inevitable. Gareth and Madalena addressing the troops as a way to talk to each other about their feelings of love was fun, and it’s nice to see that romance brewing. I imagine that the final two episodes of this season will bring things together and set them right in some way, and given the direction that the ratings are headed, it will all probably be wrapped up in some neat bow so that it doesn’t have to end on an unresolved note. Two additional highlights from this pair of episodes: Roberta pointing out that it was awfully early in the season for Galavant to die and the “Grease” parody.

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