Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 6, Episode 3 “The F Word” (B+)

Sometimes, this show can feel like a punch to the gut. Some elements remain purely comedic, and for good reasons, like the fact that the principal let Carl off for selling guns at school because he wanted to purchase one, and then the whole plotline came to an entertaining close when a presumed threat was detected and all the teachers pulled out their guns. That’s one thing that would have been considered as going too far if the show had tried to touch school shootings, and I’m glad that it was left where it was. I like that Carl’s crush is still trying to entice him after her dad nearly beat him to a pulp, and it’s fun to see his post-prison exploits. There wasn’t much to laugh about in the rest of the episode, save for some hijinks involving Yanis and blaming the lesbians next door for all of his problems in life. Fiona confiding in Debs about her pregnancy was a disastrous idea, and I didn’t expect her to handle the intervention and even more so Debs’ tearful confession of her purposeful pregnancy in the manner that she did. Vowing to disown her and kick Debs out was harsh, though she had reasons to be upset following her attempt to reconcile with Gus, which went miserably. Fortunately, Sean was there to support her the whole way, but that eviction notice just brought back everything bad. It was nice to see Lip and Ian hanging out, but sadly Ian’s mental illness got in the way of their bonding and now it seems that he’s seriously relapsed.

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