Thursday, January 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 11 “Iowa” (C)

I didn’t like this episode, and I found neither of its primary plotlines terribly compelling even though they tried very hard. I can’t comprehend why Eli would feel the need to tell Alicia that he essentially ruined her life by deliberately deleting Will’s voicemail, since he could easily have conveyed the same sentiment about wanting her to be happy without being so detailed. There’s no way that she’ll ever forgive him for it, and he honestly doesn’t really deserve it. Saying that the nightmare was being in Iowa was harsh, and she managed to take off her sunglasses, take out her headphones, and put on a smile long enough to apologize for the comment and make it seem like it was all a big misunderstanding. Ruth pushing Peter to do the Full Grassley was a risk, and it didn’t appear to pay off when he had first zero and then twenty-eight supporters on the caucus floor. Getting caught on camera spitting out his umpteenth loose meat sandwich was obviously a misstep, but it’s absurd to think that he would be able to eat food at every single stop he made in the state (I guess that’s why most candidates don’t do it). Coming in dead last with just four votes is a pitiful way to end the campaign, and even Eli championing Alicia’s merits is unlikely to resurrect the spirit if a comeback is still at all possible. Jackie, who did not have very nice things to say about the state of Iowa, thinking Howard was senile because he didn’t remember $2.2 million in an account and trying to get power of attorney over him was a mildly amusing subplot, and now David Lee has gotten himself into big trouble for trying to hide money from Alicia and not telling Howard about it. I wonder if the elder lawyer is going to fight his newly-imposed emeritus status after Cary found a clever way of getting out of trouble for their discriminatory hiring practices without throwing himself under the bus.