Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series

The competition: Ty Burrell’s goofy dad (Modern Family), Louis C.K.’s wry comedian (Louie), William H. Macy’s depraved patriarch (Shameless), Jim Parsons’ stuck-up scientist (The Big Bang Theory), and Jeffrey Tambor’s transgender parent (Transparent).

For your information: Tambor is the only new addition to this race, as the Golden Globe and Emmy winner secures his first-ever solo SAG nomination. Macy won last year on his first nomination for this role, though he was nominated four times before that for TV movie and film work. Burrell won in 2014, and this is his sixth consecutive nomination. This is Parson’s fourth consecutive nomination for this role, and C.K.’s third nomination for this role. Burrell, Parsons, and Tambor are all nominated as part of their shows’ ensembles, and C.K. is recognized as a member of the “Trumbo” film ensemble (though what a terrible performance that was). Before Macy and Burrell won, Alec Baldwin took home this award seven years in a row for all but the last season of “30 Rock.”

Who should win: Macy or Tambor

Who will win: He wasn’t nominated last year, so I think it’s Tambor’s turn to win.

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