Monday, January 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 1, Episode 14 “Will Trash Book Spa” (B)

These were all equally silly plotlines, but they were a lot of fun, representing this show at its best, not necessarily featuring quality storylines but managing to provide some good entertainment and laughs. The first plotline was actually the one that should be most relatable for real families, as Heather offered up Jen’s services in drafting a will for her parents without thinking of the extra costs that would be incurred by Jen and Greg as a result. The ensuing conservation that resulted brought up unfortunate resentment in the other siblings as they felt either that they contributed on a regular basis (Heather) or they were trying to get away with no one noticing their cheapness (Matt). Joan and John were more concerned with trying to insert “psych” into the legal language of their document than what it actually contained, and we know from the pilot of this show that John wants to deal with death with humor. The trash segment was over the top, but it’s fun to watch that family dynamic. I like seeing the workings of Matt and Colleen’s relationship, especially when they’re so rarely at odds with each other as in this case of a bossy author and her uppity illustrator. After Jen and Greg took center stage in the first segment, they got to do so again in a more outwardly comical non-baby plot that they don’t usually star in, as people were quite literally dying as they were supposed to be receiving peaceful and relaxing massages.

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