Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I’m Watching: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 11 “Send in the Clones” (C-)

It’s getting harder and harder to remember who’s on whose side on this show, and that’s not because of the exceptional writing. Allegiances are changing at such an alarming and rapid rate that nothing can be kept straight anymore, and it’s hard to find any of it appealing. I’m only two episodes away from what I have to assume will be the true series finale of this show, so I feel like I need to stick around to see what the payoff will be, though I can’t imagine it will in any way justify all of the hours I’ve watched this show and hated it. The most important development of the hour is that Harris Prime has officially been taken out courtesy of Katana Girl, though all indicators point to Erica having taken him out when she creates her evo-less future, as Carlos tried to impress upon an entirely evil and selfish Matt, who took Erica with him as a bargaining chip to ensure his family’s place to the future, as if that would really constitute enough leverage to secure anything. Despite a misty priest’s death, the liberation of Matt’s institute went well. I was very surprised to learn that the actor portraying Micah is in fact Noah Gray-Cabey, who played him on the original series when he looked and sounded a whole lot younger. Gone are any traces of familiar characters as Tommy and Malina continue to be primed to save the future, and a vengeful Luke has Phoebe and an increasingly conscious-growing Quentin in his custody, likely planning to use them as a bargaining chip. Little does he know that Erica has hired Joanne to take out Malina and her new protector, but something tells me that she won’t be so quick to kill her own husband, powers notwithstanding.

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