Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 6, Episode 2 “#AbortionRules” (B+)

Families deal with teen pregnancies in different ways, and the Gallagher method was brash and blunt. Texting Deb grueling statistics about raising a child to convince her to get an abortion was probably more direct and aggressive than Fiona should have been, but that’s always been her style. Leave it to Deb to carry around a bag of flour pretending that it was her baby and then leave it on the subway as she was passionately obsessed with tracking Derek down in Florida and reigniting their romance. The shocking news that Fiona is pregnant too hit hard, and she almost didn’t seem to believe it. It was so interesting to see how Fiona responded to Sean’s morning passion by duplicating the effort in the evening after a hard day, though she was considerably less in the moment thanks to the haunting truth of Sean’s addiction. Being the assistant manager certainly is not easy, and having Sean duck out all day for meetings and Ian quit on her first day was particularly bad timing. Things seem fine between Lip and Helene, but that doesn’t mean that her husband has gotten over the fact that Lip is falling in love with his wife. Carl paying a janitor to sneak guns into school ranks as one of the more depraved developments of the hour, though Frank seeking out terminal cancer patients to recreate his whirlwind romance with Fiona ranks pretty high too. The increasing profitability of the best worst bar on the south side is entertaining to watch, as was the unfortunate mistake Kev made in cutting the brake wire on Yanis’ motorcycle.

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