Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What I’m Watching: Transparent

Transparent: Season 2, Episode 4 “Cherry Blossoms” (B+)

Some of the problems that started to come up in the previous episode didn’t present as fully and immediately here, but there were other issues to take their place. Josh reacting poorly to Raquel’s proposal wasn’t mentioned, but his desire to bond with Colton and continue developing that relationship led to his seemingly innocent and casual inviting over of Colton’s mother. I like that, even before Rita showed up, Sarah coming to Raquel for rabbinic counseling turned into Raquel asking questions about her own relationship dynamic. The pizza meal was extremely awkward, which was completely Rita’s fault, and it was clear that Josh was just as uncomfortable as Raquel was. Sarah’s exploits at the gala were pretty horrendous, and trying to refuse one of the many raffle prizes that she won was a particular lowlight. Tammy is everywhere, and she’s not even close to over Sarah, in a way that’s still very intense and blunt and doesn’t make it seem like she’s going to get over her anytime soon. Ali’s visit to her grandmother was intriguing, and she’s going back to being in a good place about herself and starting to look into what else is wrong around her. It’s not pleasant to watch Maura push Shelly away in such a rude manner, however unintentional it is, and I think Shelly is going to get very hurt as Maura continues to try to move into her own new life which doesn’t resemble the best parts of their heterosexual marriage from many years earlier.

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