Thursday, January 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 2 “What About Fred” (B)

This episode was relatively predictable but still turned out to be pretty fun. The weaker plotline was definitely Schmidt and Nick trying to take over the bar and get taken seriously, something that did not go well at all. Nick didn’t even manage to succeed in becoming a manager, instead opting to let his underlings do whatever they wanted and just realize that the bar will keep on going no matter what. I enjoyed Cece being the ringleader and walking out after Nick fired Javier, and Schmidt didn’t help matters at all by complimenting the boldness and attractiveness of his fiancée and separating himself from the situation by not treating her as his employee in that moment. I like that Schmidt’s suggestion about the one-napkin policy and the “Are you sure?” follow-up actually worked on Winston. I’ve had enough of seeing Winston with his creepy relationship with Ferguson, and therefore it was good to have him serve as a partner-in-crime for Jess in trying to secure a lifelong friendship with Flip and Nancy while figuring out a way to get out of dating Fred. The way that everyone at the table reacted to Fred’s incredibly boring nature was great, and I think this guy was even less interesting than Ryan Kwanten’s lunch lover from a number of seasons ago. Winston enlisting the help of his bored partner in keeping Fred occupied was a highlight, and I liked her challenge of having him act like he’s about to breakdance. He was surprisingly into it, and that served as a ridiculous but amusing end to the episode.

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