Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Male Actor in a Drama Series

The competition: Peter Dinklage’s talkative heir (Game of Thrones), Jon Hamm’s ad man (Mad Men), Rami Malek’s antisocial hacker (Mr. Robot), Bob Odenkirk’s wannabe lawyer (Better Call Saul), and Kevin Spacey’s corrupt politician (House of Cards).

For your information: This is Spacey’s third consecutive nomination, and he won last year. This is also the third consecutive nomination for Dinklage. This is the sixth overall nomination for Hamm, who was last nominated in 2012 and then previously in 2010. Malek and Odenkirk are first-time individual nominees for their freshman shows. Dinklage, Hamm, and Spacey are also nominated as part of their ensembles.

Who should win: All excellent choices. I’d probably give it to Malek.

Who will win: Sorry, Rami. Hamm has never won, and there’s no way that this organization, which loves rewarding actors for their swan songs, won’t give him a trophy.

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