Sunday, January 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 12 “Company Woman” (D)

I dislike this episode even more now that I see what its title is. It’s evidently meant to pay homage to the season one episode of “Heroes” that made Noah Bennett, known then mostly as HRG, sympathetic by revealing his background and the hard choices he made to get to that moment. This episode, I guess, purports to do the same for Erica, by having Matt come in and force Taylor to point a gun at herself. While Erica was reliving the circumstances under which she got pregnant – trading her body for an evo’s ability to save first her father and then her daughter’s life – the ungrateful Taylor was hurling insults at her mother in the worst exchange of dialogue I’ve ever heard on this show about how she was going to have an evo grandchild, and nothing dramatically was accomplished because Erica didn’t share any of it with her daughter, and then promptly went and had Otomo executed and Tommy imprisoned. The only part of that which was remotely interesting to me was Casper showing up on her door when she killed Taylor’s father, but of course we don’t get to see any of that play out. Instead, it’s back to the banality and inanity of this plan to get everyone to the future. Shouldn’t Tommy have been able to teleport to precisely where Malina was if the whole point of her standing somewhere recognizable was for him to see it and go there? Instead, Farah had to race to the rescue and get shot while invisible to save her life, and Luke still blew away his wife even after she took the shot. What kind of nonsense can possibly wrap this up in the season finale? Fortunately, this show has been officially cancelled and deemed a one-season event series, so that will be the final installment. That’s more than enough of this show.

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