Friday, January 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: Grandfathered

Grandfathered: Season 1, Episode 11 “The Sat Pack” (B)

It didn’t take long for one of John Stamos’ “Full House” cast stars to show up, and Bob Saget isn’t actually the first after Dave Coulier’s one-scene cameo towards the start of the show. Saget has become known for his reputation as an inappropriate comedian since finishing his wholesome role on the popular 1980s family sitcom, and so it’s only natural that he would be cast as Jimmy’s best friend who likes partying and sleeping around a whole lot. Interestingly, and maybe it’s because of the broadcast network that airs this show, Ronnie didn’t seem all that outrageous, and probably paled to Jimmy at the height of his pre-parenthood absurdity. Ronnie was a big jerk when Gerald showed up upset about his recent breakup, and I like that Gerald ended up punching him in the face after he slapped Jimmy, prompting a sweet reconciliation between Ronnie and Jimmy that ended in Ronnie getting in the limo to head to the next big party and then hopping out before it drove off to call a cab home instead. Bruce asking Sara to move to China with him was innocent and well-meaning enough, but it did not go over particularly well. It was still nicer than Frankie’s emotionless breakup with Gerald, which was precipitated by her taking the time to count how many other people she was dating. It’s too bad we won’t see Lyndsy Fonseca anymore, but it was nice to have her for a little bit. The next new relationship is likely to be between Jimmy and Sara, and I’m eager to see that. It was also fun to watch Vanessa do her best to figure out a simple movie night with all of Gerald’s complex remotes lying around.

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