Thursday, January 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 1, Episode 10 “Childish Things” (B)

I’m getting my superhero shows mixed up a bit, as I could have sworn that this was the second episode in a very short time to feature a villain who manipulates toys and sends them on evil errands against the good guys. Then I remembered that was “The Flash,” so this show gets cut a bit of slack. But lest Winn feel like he never gets to be a part of the plotline as much of James, here he was a central character dealing with his murderous father, who just wanted to use toys to get revenge for being wronged and couldn’t help but put bombs everywhere to ensure that his plans weren’t thwarted. I knew I recognized the actor playing the Toyman from somewhere, and some quick research suggests that I know Henry Czerny from his guest spot on season one of “Falling Skies” back when I used to watch that show. It was good to see Kara express such loyalty to her friend Finn, who got shot down when he tried to kiss her and she didn’t reciprocate the sentiment. James’ world got rocked by Cat hiring Lucy as her new in-house legal counsel, and I can imagine that working romance is going to be tough to navigate. Alex was bold to try to occupy Maxwell while Hank worked his memory-erasing magic on a guard who caught him taking pictures of Maxwell’s reanimated corpse, but she wasn’t as sneaky as Maxwell, who not only had backup cameras installed but also planted a camera on Alex’s bag to learn the secret truth that she and Alex are actually sisters.

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