Monday, December 2, 2019

What I’m Watching: Living with Yourself

Living with Yourself: Season 1, Episode 7 “Piña Colada” (B)

It’s interesting to see how Miles being a clone of himself presents certain problems that this new and improved version can’t possibly comprehend aren’t positive. The important thing that I think Kate realizes is that this new Miles was created, and that even though he has the memories of her husband, his personality doesn’t match the man at all. He came on way too strong with a perfect breakfast in bed, unable to dial it down and try to meet somewhere in the middle of her expectations and what he was offering. It’s intriguing that their sex wasn’t all that successful despite a whole lot of passion, and that’s probably because, despite certain enhancements, Miles is the same man he used to be, as in the original. I’m continually compelled by Aisling Bea’s performance as Kate, and I’d love to see her earn a surprise Golden Globe nomination to go along with Paul Rudd’s more expected bid next week. Miles read Dan into the big secret about the clones, and now it appears someone else snatched the real Miles before his clone could, possibly whoever is in charge of the clinic since they’re concerned about the secret getting out. It was chilling to see Miles walk in the door and loudly boast “Honey, I’m home!” before taking a moment to ruffle his hair and fine-tune his impression of the man he’s going to impersonate. Let’s hope Kate is able to tell the difference and does something to try to locate the husband she doesn’t even know is missing yet.

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