Friday, December 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: Mrs. Fletcher (Penultimate Episode)

Mrs. Fletcher: Season 1, Episode 6 “Solar Glow” (B+)

I’m sad that this show is only a miniseries and that we won’t be getting any more of it since I think these characters are worthwhile and there could be considerably more to explore with all of them. Take Jane, played by Casey Wilson, for instance, who we saw for a decent portion of this episode and who has barely been featured before this. She’s a great actress who has made the most of her material in shows like “Happy Endings” and “Black Monday,” and she wasn’t featured here all that extensively. Naturally, Eve’s mind would be stuck on the idea of getting the same kind of massage that Dave went to get which caused this friction in their marriage, and I had a feeling that, like with what’s happened so far, she wouldn’t actually opt to go for it, settling for fantasies in her car instead. She did try to take a sexy picture to send to Julian but wasn’t satisfied enough with any of the options. Brendan was bold enough to suggest that he should stop by while Chloe just wanted to study, and things were going great for a while until he got way too into what Chloe was doing for him to realize what he was doing to her. I read a scathing critique of that moment since it paints Brendan as unaware of how he treats women rather than deliberately malicious, but to me the former categorization doesn’t excuse any of his behavior, which is indeed indefensible. Let’s see if he or his mother get any sort of happy ending in the series finale.

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