Sunday, May 3, 2020

Take Three: The Baker and the Beauty

The Baker and the Beauty: Season 1, Episode 3 “ Get Carried Away” (B-)

Going on a trip with Noa ended up being pretty great for Daniel, and he helped out a lot more than he expected. After being amazed by Noa’s grace under pressure and her ability to provide sincere answers each time to the same questions being asked over and over, Daniel stepped in to save the day when the entire benefit was nearly wrecked by water damage. His down-to-earth nature is coming in very handy, and even though he couldn’t secure a secret recipe to impress his family, he did figure out a great way to make the event still happen while supporting local vendors in the process. The presence of her ex and his efforts to break them up were troubling, but that’s a normal problem Daniel should be able to handle, even if it applies to celebrities rather than everyday people. Back in Miami, Vanessa demonstrated her drive to succeed, but you’d think that the realtor, who was well aware of what Daniel’s family thought of her and called her, might have bothered to tell Mateo what kind of gig she was trying to get him before he botched it. Her solution was certainly creative. Natalie and her mother definitely have some boundary issues, and her budding romance is going to require some honesty from her and some granting of privacy from Mari. It’s nice that she’s able to be open with her brother since she could use some support, and hopefully her parents’ reaction to her coming out won’t be too overwhelming.

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