Sunday, May 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 10 “The Great British Fake Off” (B)

This episode was typically over-the-top, though it was entertaining to see a number of villains from history return to try to find the ring. I thought that we had seen many of them on this show before, but I guess I was getting confused since “Timeless” used to air concurrently and featured some similar storylines. Constantine and Zari make a decent pair, though I really hope there isn’t a romantic plotline between them since I’m shipping Nate and Zari, as I assume most other fans of this show are. They do make a good team, and Zari’s powers working at just the moment they needed to and the ring finally appearing after they were finally able to stop thinking about their search for it. Zari posing as Cleopatra to buy them some time and prevent Constantine from being outed was admittedly clever. Mick, Ava and Gary heading to Hell to meet Astra nearly got most of them stuck there since Astra tied them up separately, which meant Gary was going back all on his own, but fortunately Astra seems to have decided that joining forces with Charlie’s evils sisters is not the best way to go. Having her aboard the ship will certainly change the dynamic, and Constantine was pretty shocked to see her. I love that Nate and Charlie purported not to be great with technology and were therefore just chilling on the ship while everyone else was working hard. Hopefully Sara will be fine – her problems processing time properly are definitely troubling.

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