Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What I’m Watching: Liar

Liar: Season 2, Episode 4 (B+)

This episode was deeply grounded in the past, going further back before Andrew and Laura first went on a date, another event we also saw play out that provided some important context regarding how they relate to the world. Andrew showing up at Oliver’s boasted such a vindictiveness, and he installed those cameras in such a methodical fashion. Oliver’s response was not what he expected, and the calm way that he described how Andrew could be a predator was disturbing. He at least seems to understand what he is and what he wants, while Andrew purports to be a good person who for some reason has a right to treat others the way he does. We saw a very different side of Laura as she didn’t even bother to go in and check on her father as soon as she heard the smoke alarm, and while she got serious when it was clear that he had a terminal diagnosis, she wasn’t anything like the polished teacher we got to know in season one who then started to unravel as a result of Andrew’s influence on her life. Returning to the present showed the harsh reality of Laura being arrested after Renton and Maxwell showed up to claim new incriminating evidence that they wouldn’t even share with her. She really hasn’t had an easy time, and the way that she’s being treated as a suspect they so clearly believe to be guilty is just extending her nightmare that seems like it’s never going to end.

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