Sunday, September 20, 2020

Emmy Reactions

I had the pleasure of being on a live reactions show this year with other writers from Awards Radar, so in a sense I wasn’t paying attention quite as closely as I have been in the past to the actual content of the show itself. It was great to be able to discuss shows and nominees with others who are equally enthusiastic about them though, even if my preferences do very much differ (I got called controversial for my tastes). Watch the whole thing here!

Anyone who has read this site knows that I’m not overly enamored with either “Schitt’s Creek” or “Succession,” and therefore those two shows sweeping in the way that they did, particularly the former, wasn’t so thrilling. The one actual surprise was “Unorthodox” winning for directing, which was great, along with Uzo Aduba’s win for supporting actress, which is fine even if I wouldn’t have picked her out of the ensemble.

I scored 15/23, which is up from last year and about on par with my usual average. Interestingly, I’m still ranked 550/3702 on Goldderby even though I best against likelihoods such as Mark Ruffalo and Regina King. I’m happy that I was able to predict both Jeremy Strong and Zendaya for drama acting, and glad to see at least a tiny bit of variety on that front.

Stick around for more TV coverage as plenty of shows premiere, and most importantly, the AFT Awards, my personal choices for the past of this past season, beginning tomorrow!

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