Thursday, September 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves: Season 1, Episode 6 “Lost Paradise” (B-)

There’s something that has confused me about the programming of the androids since the very first episode, when Mother left Marcus alive. Shooting guns at the Mithraic soldiers (in Father’s case) and exploding them with her voice (in Mother’s) seem like they would run counter to their instincts unless they truly believe, or have been programmed to believe, that they can better take care of the children than their own human parents. Maybe it’s that they’re so evolved and can sense that even the two who feel a bond with their child aren’t actually biologically connected to Paul at all. I am continually intrigued by how the androids are affected by whatever force it is on this planet that haunts them with reminders of Tally, and Marcus experienced his own inexplicable barrier when he was unable to finish the job and kill Mother. Trapping her in a simulation loop was a smart plan, though her strength, even while she was distracted and seduced by Campion, was formidable, shattering that energy-draining mirror and lifting rocks with more precision that Yoda or Luke Skywalker ever could. I do realize now where I know the older Campion from – actor Cosmo Jarvis delivered a memorable turn in the film “The Evening Hour,” which I saw at Sundance. Hunter didn’t hesitate to broadcast Father’s location and get him shot, showing firmly which side he’s on. I’m not sure exactly where things go from here with both androids seemingly subdued, but we do have four episodes left in the season.

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