Friday, September 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 1, Episode 7 “Make Rebecca Great Again” (B+)

It’s alarming to see Ted out of sorts like this, not the happy-go-lucky presence we’ve known thus far. It was especially jarring to see him snap at Nate, and it’s good that Rebecca, even while she was dealing with her own problems, went after him to make sure that he was okay. Signing the divorce papers was an important step, and he even got an unexpected visitor in the form of a very determined Sassy who had designs on his American mustache. It was a surprise to see Nate put his thoughts to paper and then be forced by Ted to deliver them to the team himself, prompting some angry reactions, including one from a particularly enraged Roy, who put that all to good use after ripping out a bench from the ground. That was quite the recovery after he got trapped in the luggage compartment under the bus at the start of the episode and nearly had to endure the entire ride there. It was entertaining to see Keeley so startled at the sight – and sound – of herself on the TV in the hotel, and she was completely baffled when Roy passionately kissed her and then just said good night. Keeley and Rebecca really are becoming good friends, and the sudden return of Sassy didn’t derail that but instead reinforced that whichever Rebecca this is could use both of them in her life. It wasn’t fair that Rebecca punished Higgins by making him stay home, but he seemed to make the most of it and enjoy the event from afar with his family.

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