Friday, September 18, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Diamond Dogs” (B+)

I will say that I’m disappointed that Ted didn’t get to meet the Milk sisters and unload his carton of puns on them, but he did a masterful job of sticking up for his friend Rebecca. I actually though that he didn’t seem to be doing much at first, letting Rupert show off his new girlfriend and the dastardly way in which he had managed to secure partial ownership even though he wasn’t allowed to do that. But, as usual, Ted’s charming sensibilities come out in the best possible ways, and not only did he manage to effortlessly destroy Rupert after baiting him into a game of darts, he also expressed that people were never curious and as a result wouldn’t have, for instance, engaged him in conversation about whether he had ever played darts. Rebecca has a difficult job ahead of her now that Higgins has quit because he can’t handle her continued desire to bring down the team just to get back at Rupert, and Keeley has given her an ultimatum regarding her obvious attempted sabotage of Ted that went awry a few episodes earlier. Roy grabbing the photographer’s memory card and giving it to Keeley as a memento of their first date was a clever way for Keeley to learn what really happened, and I didn’t see that coming. Keeley was very adorable jumping from seat to seat to ask Roy questions, and he responded well enough, even admitting later that he does yoga with a group of sixty-something women who don’t know who he is. Jamie’s return was also perfectly brief, and I like that as a coda for his character. It’s hardly serious, but I like the Diamond Dogs and the way that they’re all on pretty much the same page and operate as an effective team to dole out love advice to those who want it and those who don’t.

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