Friday, September 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves: Season 1, Episode 9 “Umbilical” (B-)

Two camps are clearly forming, with all of the children that Mother “rescued” from the ark aligning themselves with the maternal necromancer, which was far from guaranteed even one episode ago. The religious zealots seemed excited by the idea of punishing Sue as an example but quickly tired of Marcus’ obsession with her, and his decision to kill the man who was supposed to be on watch when Hunter and Father got away didn’t turn out too well for him. It’s about time that Lucius finally confirmed that Marcus isn’t who he says he is, and his desire to pray for those who were impure was an obvious giveaway. No one important seems to truly die on this show, and so it’s not yet clear whether Marcus is indeed gone. I would have thought that the actual Mithraic believers hated Mother more than Marcus did, but his behavior lately has indicated such an opposition to her despite the fact that he doesn’t, or at least didn’t, truly adhere to the faith. Mother and Sue had an intriguing conversation about motherhood and human emotion, and Sue seemed shocked that Mother asked her why she cared about Paul. She surprised Mother when she decided to save her, and I suspect that Sue will soon come to see what the children have regarding their adoptive matriarch. It’s good to have Father back, and I like that the mere start of a joke was enough to show Campion that it was really him. I’m glad that the prisoner is dead after indulging in more predatory and alarmingly powerful behavior, and now this camp is just going to have to face off against those who really want to lure them away from what they see as a horrible influence, which may just be a better environment for them than continued Mithraic indoctrination.

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