Friday, September 18, 2020

What I’m Watching: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 5 “Five Lies” (B+)

I knew that this had to be Harry’s episode since the other four housemates have all narrated one installment so far, and I’m glad to see that, while he had the bulk of the drama in this hour, we still got some major developments for all of our characters. After a wonderful night out – and in – with Pete, Harry got hit with the worst possible timing. His mother stopping by the first time that he had a man stay over was unfortunate, and it also meant that his lie about being out to his mother was revealed before he had a chance to smooth it over and apologize to Pete for not being honest. He did make an honest effort to go tell her after that, but his mother inviting other a woman to set him up with made that impossible. He was right to say to Liz that he might now never be able to come out to her since it could be the thing that killed her in this weakened state, and he needed to be with someone who was okay with that. I’m proud of Ainsley for resisting Lachlan’s oily profession of love for her, especially after she was so incredibly awkward with Ben. Heather breaking things off because of how Ainsley communicated Ben’s feelings for her was probably an inevitability, but it’s going to make things very uncomfortable around the house. Liz’s situation is indeed lamentable since no one is going to hire her if she leads with her bankruptcy, but I am enjoying her unfiltered responses when questioned by Ainsley or Heather, with not even an illusion of interest in what they’re seeing. Telling Ainsley that she didn’t understand what ripping the band off meant was particularly funny.

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