Saturday, September 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Hitmen (Season Finale)

Hitmen: Season 1, Episode 6 “Nikhil” (B+)

Now this was a better episode, not quite the same level as the first two but far more focused and effective than the past three. Jamie is definitely the more distractible and seemingly dim-witted of the duo, but Fran also misses plenty of cues and rarely seems willing to put in the effort that Jamie sometimes can. It’s a wonder they’ve been kept around this long, and having a new partner assigned so that Mr. K could evaluate whether he wants them killed or kept on the payroll was probably an inevitability, especially on a very dark comedy series like this one. I hadn’t realized that they had never met Mr. K in person, and he was about as intimidating as I might have expected, not physically threatening but capable of a controlled anger that represents the best way to put fear into underlings. Nikhil was the opposite of Jamie, entirely business-oriented and not even eager to listen to the same music in the car. It’s a good thing that Fran decided to focus on her best friend, and I liked that the two of them were able to communicate in the car by singing different words to the song that Fran was blasting. Finding out that Nikhil was actually British and just putting on an accent to seem like someone else only further emphasized that Fran made the right choice in saving Jamie. It made sense that the eternally duplicitous Liz was working for Mr. K to track down his two wayward ex-employees, but she also doesn’t quite have his ear the way she wants. I’d be up for watching another six episodes of this show whenever season two gets released, though I hope we get good guest stars like Jason Watkins, Nick Mohammed and Sian Clifford along with the entertaining main cast.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Sue Perkins as Fran

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