Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 2 “The Land of Taking and Killing” (B)

If there’s one thing this season probably didn’t need, it was more characters, but that’s what we got with some new faces introduced in the beginning of this episode and a number of minutes passing before we once again encountered any of the personalities we met in episode one. The exchange of the sons continues to be a very dramatic and intensely problematic element, and Jason Schwartzman’s Josto didn’t seem at all interested in talking to Chris Rock’s Loy as if they were equals. That was even truer when Doctor Senator couldn’t even get eye contact back when he was speaking, showing that a severe racism exists that makes the similarly discriminated-against Italian look down on their Black colleagues. I don’t have any idea what Oraetta, who is just a bit too reminiscent of Nurse Ratched on Netflix’s new series “Ratched,” is up to, and her response to being asked if she just saw Black people as the help – that she wanted to make Eltherida a special project – only made it all more condescending and disconcerting. She turned her firing for repeated eyebrow-raising lethal actions into an opportunity for blackmail, and then she left a pie on the porch of her neighbors right before a large mob descended on the house. I’m glad to see Jack Huston from “Boardwalk Empire” as Odis, whose relationship with Josto doesn’t seem to be all that mutually beneficial. Josto doesn’t even really pretend to like the woman that he’s marrying for reasons other than affection, and I imagine that his arrogance is going to result in a lot of people, likely including him, getting killed.

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