Thursday, September 24, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead Pixels (Season Finale)

Dead Pixels: Season 1, Episode 6 “Hive-Mother” (B+)

It’s an interesting notion to be so involved in online gameplay that any sort of real-world socialization means dressing up in costumes to look like characters. I forgot for a moment that Meg and Russell had met in real life when he showed up at the door and eagerly introduced himself to an unexcited Nicky, though of course we’ve seen them together at work numerous times. Nicky’s many attempts to poison Russell by inserting a number of deadly items into his food were entertaining, and Russell definitely didn’t take the hint that he should watch what he was eating because of just how much Nicky hated him. Meg wanted to stay grounded in who they were cosplaying rather than address each other by name, and she didn’t want to stand for any of Nicky’s antics. Russell’s cluelessness didn’t help much, but she did, in a way, choose Nicky in the end. She seemed considerably less thrilled than he did when they found out what the big prize was and it hardly felt like it was worth all of the effort. Usman’s wife showing up to chat with him was a shock, but he was hiding in a motel room away from her just so that he could have peace and quiet to play the game. Sacrificing himself so that he could have a noble exit from the game was a fitting plan, but naturally a sequel game has just been announced, so walking away to do something crazy like learn how to play the flute or how to drive isn’t going to happen so easily. A second season was ordered by E4 more than a year ago, and I hope that the CW will decide to pick that up and air it at some point in the future – this has been fun.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Alexa Davies as Meg

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