Monday, September 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together: Season 1, Episode 5 (B+)

There’s something that would have been very satisfying and easy about Freddy deciding to kill Fitzgerald, knowing that she had gotten revenge on the man whose malicious actions had resulted in the death of her best friend. It’s far more interesting, if unnerving, to learn that Freddy may have, purposely or unconsciously, changed events in her mind that warped the truth of what happened. From the flashes we saw towards the end of the episode, she misunderstood the sight of Fitzgerald reading to the real Freddy in her room and experienced jealousy that, by the looks it, compelled her to push her best friend to her death. Baba wasn’t happy to learn that there was more to the story than Freddy had communicated, and his comparison of what they were about to do to his own traumatic past pushed Freddy to act impulsively in a way that couldn’t possibly be passed off as suicide or even self-defense. The ending of this episode was sharp and intense, with Freddy realizing that she can’t always just trick someone into doing what she wants and get away with it. Lola is ready to go to whatever lengths she needs in order to track down Freddy and Baba, who they now know are together, including putting up roadblocks herself even if she doesn’t have the authorization to get someone else to do it. Hearing Jackson curse on the phone was unexpected, but it makes sense that he’d need some sort of outlet after keeping calm all the time. I’m curious to see how things play out in the finale and whether there’s any resolution or just a new setup for a potential second season.

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