Saturday, September 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 4 “Zero Dollars” (B+)

You’d think that, especially after everything that happened with Ben and his unexpected medical prognosis, these housemates would think twice about rushing to conclusions without having all the facts first. Liz has always been the most distant of all of them, even more than Heather, unexcited about the possibility of turning this housing necessity into anything more than that. It would have helped if she had been a bit more open since the news of her bankruptcy caught everyone by surprise, and she should have imagined that she wouldn’t be able to keep four people from realizing that someone was coming to assess the house that was going to need to be sold from under them. Having to tell her employers that she was bankrupt was another huge blow, particularly because they feigned understanding and then told her that they would have to let her go immediately. Ainsley asking her to move out on the phone was brutal, and it’s a good thing that they rescinded that demand as soon as they found her drunk and trespassing on someone else’s property. Harry really is a good friend to Liz, and he even managed to enjoy a night out with a man who might be perfect for him. Ben and Heather’s progressing relationship with the giant sunglasses, the beer hat, and the motel was extremely entertaining, and of course Colin would have to call at exactly the worst moment to kill the vibe and compel Heather to come back into his life.

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