Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What I’m Watching: Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country: Season 1, Episode 6 “Meet Me in Daegu” (B)

I think I just have to accept that this isn’t going to proceed along in a straightforward narrative fashion, and instead we’re building toward something with all these flashbacks and seemingly standalone storylines. What I think I’ve learned more than anything on this show is that sex is never a good idea, since this episode managed to one-up the disturbing scene from the previous installment with multiple snake heads coming out of Ji-Ah’s head and body to pretty much destroy her sexual partner. I’m glad to see Jamie Chung, who was previously on “The Gifted,” in a role that demands plenty of her, and she delivers well. This felt for a while like its own little movie, starting with her own love for the screen manifesting into dreams of a more exciting life. It was harrowing to see Atticus so coldly shoot her friend in the head just to intimidate the others into confessing, and her desire for revenge was an important driver of the plot. I think she started to soften when Atticus and his fellow soldier laughed at her question about having met Judy Garland and responded that it would only have bene possible if they were her butler or chauffeur. Atticus did rig up a sweet date with the Judy Garland screening, even if she had to pretend to be a prostitute to be allowed on the base. I still thought that she wanted to kill him when she was going much faster than he was, and deciding to warn him to leave instead was a sign of her feelings having truly manifested. What was most effective for me about all of this was the notion of someone being a monster, which she was called, then she called herself, and then called Atticus. I’m not so sure how this all relates to the larger show, but I imagine I’m going to have trouble not thinking about this episode for a while to come.

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