Sunday, September 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: Intelligence (Season Finale)

Intelligence: Season 1, Episode 6 (B-)

This show was apparently renewed for a second season by its original network, Sky, back in February, but it’s hard to know whether any series is safe from potential cancellation by the continuing pandemic. This finale wasn’t terribly satisfactory, with Chris taking action to defend Jerry solely as a way of frustrating the FBI after Clint repeatedly insulted GCHQ and tried to poach her for their operations. She hasn’t been a fan of him all along, and I’m not sure why giving him up would have been a bad thing given how much of a drain he is on her authority. Staging a wedding to Joseph was an entirely absurd affair, highlighted by Tuva’s unexpectedly haunting singing that went on for much too long. Joseph seemed fine with the idea of it because he values Jerry’s friendship, no matter how one-sided it is, and even though he doesn’t support what Jerry did and told him that when he went through his not-so-hypothetical situation, he has no desire to see him end up in prison or whatever fate would be in store for him. I recognized Joey Slotnick from “Alias” and “Nip/Tuck” right away as Clint, who initially seemed to be a nice guy just trying to break unfortunate news to his best friend but turned out to be something far more despicable and sinister. Saying that he had slept with Melissa eight or nine hundred times wasn’t exactly helpful, and while Jerry is undeniably a jerk, I don’t think he needed to hear that. Finding out that Mary is the mole who has been pretending to take care of her mom is an intriguing twist, and one I’d be more interested in seeing play out in season two. This show was sort of fun but not all that great, and I’d recommend that anyone who likes supporting actor and creator Nick Mohammed, who plays Joseph, should check out his better performance in Apple TV Plus’ “Ted Lasso.”

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Nick Mohammed

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