Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What I’m Watching: Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country: Season 1, Episode 7 “I Am.” (B)

So now we’re back to what’s happening in the United States…at least for a time before all of that space-hopping began. Last week’s episode doesn’t feel particularly relevant right now since this episode pretty much just continued from where the one before it ended. The focus shifted almost entirely to Hippolyta, who got the chance to really discover herself when she was sucked into that portal. It was pretty disorienting to see her transported first to Paris and then back to another time where she got to train as a warrior, and I certainly did not expect to see literal aliens and spacesuits, though I guess that shouldn’t have been such a surprise given this show’s opening scene that featured alien monsters. We also got to see George again, which was nice, and he was awfully aware of the fact that, even as he was talking to her about whether what they were experiencing was real, he might merely be a figment of her imagination brought back to life by this incredible power. Back in what we know to be the real world, Atticus is going to have to face the consequences of what they did, and leaving behind evidence that is the artistic form of what Hippolyta is experiencing seems like, at the very least, a bad omen. Ruby and Leti did have some productive conversations, though it would be good if they were both just a bit more honest about what they’ve seen recently because of how much their stories should be overlapping. I suspect Ruby will soon return to Christina to work with her even if things are just a bit too weird and alienating right now for her to feel safe.

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